A daily blog post (every week day) sent to aspiring and early stage founders to help them get from the idea stage (zero) to launch and achieve their dream of launching a venture. Sharing a digestible bit of knowledge or insight from expert innovators in the space.


LAUNCH is an 8-week pre-accelerator program for future founders looking to take their concepts to the next level. The program is composed of a series of exercises and simulations to propel aspiring founders from idea to action. If you are interested in starting a business, you just have an idea, have a team and are just beginning - this is the place to begin.

We utilize techniques from across venture capital, human centered design, technology, and rapid prototyping to guide participants from ideation and customer discovery. The activities are modeled after best practices from renown innovators, global accelerators, incubator programs, and leading innovation firms including IDEO, frog design, Google, Start-Up Chile, MIT, and Harvard. 

You will complete the session with a complete investor pitch deck and having understood the clear milestones and metrics to build an investible business.


The individual components of the pre-accelerator are available for individuals to engage in and get just what they need. Maybe you just to build an investor pitch deck, split your equity, or create a founders agreement - you can choose the elements that you need, when you need them.

Here is a sample of the topics covered:

Business Modeling
Financial Modeling
Rapid Prototyping
Equity Split
Design for Startups
Pitching / Presenting
User Research
Market Sizing
Ideation / Brainstorm
Industry Analysis
Funding Environment
Lean Startup
ShareHack Lighting Talk
Product Market Fit
Go To Market
Partner Interviews
Financial model
Napkin Numbers
Tracking Traction
Dream Team
Naming & Branding
Dream Advisors / Mentors
Communicating with Investors
Managing your team
Vision Exercise
Concierge MVP (google voice)
Growth Hacking
Hiring & Applying

Workshops are done in-person and various locations and also done virtually. Interested in hosting a virtual or in person workshop?

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Every entrepreneur has unique experiences, capabilities, and insights to face the challenge they have selected - we are here to guide you through the chaos. Teams or individual founders get personal coaching to take their venture to the next level.

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