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LAUNCH is an 8-week pre-accelerator program for future founders looking to transform their idea into a business. The program is composed of a series of exercises and simulations to propel aspiring founders from idea to action. If you have an idea, a team and you are interested in building a company, this is the place to start.

To guide our participants through ideation and customer discovery, all the way to pitching to investors, we use methods inspired from human centered design, technology, rapid prototyping techniques and venture capital. The activities are modeled after best practices from renown innovators, global accelerators, incubator programs, and leading innovation firms including IDEO, frog design, Google, Start-Up Chile, MIT, and Harvard. 

Upon completing the program, you will have a comprehensive investor-ready pitch deck, and will have gained a strong understanding of the milestones and metrics needed to build an investable business.


Venture Design

Use design thinking, venture capital, management consulting, and MBA methods to define your venture. Scope your initial concept, problem statement, and capabilities, as well as identify user segments, reveal market opportunities, and ideate like leading innovation firms.

Lean Startup & Prototyping

Utilize lean startup, rapid prototyping, and business model canvas activities to build your venture. Learn how to ‘pivot’ and systematically develop hypotheses, launch prototypes, test, collect evidence, identify insights, and track your evolution.

Dream Team

Learn how to build a dream team to bring your new venture to life. Assess your current competitive advantage and design the ideal team and board to enroll the support you need to advance.


Craft a world class pitch to land investment and win competitions. Learn the elements of a winning pitch presentation including key success metrics, how to structure your delivery, and what investors expect from an all-star class team.

Legal & Operations

Get your house in order. Learn about different legal structures, investment vehicles, and paths to protect your business and make the right decisions from day one. In addition learn free and intensive tools to stay organized and keep your team moving forward. 

Marketing & Sales

Set up your business for growth. Define your brand, your name, marketing strategy, and sales funnel. Cover topics such as growth hacking, in-bound marketing, public relations, and digital advertising to develop successful processes that grow your sales and market presence.

Financial Modeling

Master your financial management. We will build a solid financial model to support your vision that includes the key financial metrics and provide the basis for your standard financial statements.


Think like an investor. Demystify the fundraising process by learning about the different types of investors, the ins-and-outs of the due diligence process, the avenues to engage them, and how to stand out among other ventures.


What is the time commitment?

The program will be 8-weeks long with one online 2-3 hour workshop taking place each week. The total time commitment with outside exercises is 8-10 hours per week. In-person cohort meetings are optional, but highly encouraged. Sessions will take place on the weekends.

What is the Teaching Style?

The program is highly interactive. You will be facilitated through activities to build your venture and guided through simulations of real challenges founders face. We minimize the use of presentations and put theory to practice.

Can I sign up as an individual?

You can register as an individual or register as a team. We highly recommend registering with another individual - even if they are working on a different venture as you will be able to do the activities together in the same physical location.

Does my startup have to be a for-profit? 

Although the program is primarily designed for for-profit startups, non-profit projects would also benefit from the structure of the program and encouraged to apply.

Does my startup have to focus on impact?

You can enter the program with any type of startup. There will be additional activities relating specifically to social impact ventures such as how to measure and track impact. 

How do you define Impact?

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Singularity Universities Global Challenges as guides, but impact is ultimately defined by the startup founder. 

Do I need any resources to take the class?

You need a computer that is capable of video conferencing (with audio) and reliable internet suitable for streaming.

How much will it cost? 

Similar programs, such as the MIT Online Bootcamp range from $1299-$4300. We beat all those programs to make entrepreneurship as accessible as possible. Check out the prices for our programs here.

Why should I take this class?

If you want to launch a startup and want to save 1-3 years of time and thousands of dollars - LAUNCH is your program. 92% of technology ventures fail within the first 18 months and average founders loose over $10,000 within that timeframe. We are building a program so this does not happen to you. 

Why is Rebel One Doing this?

Everyone should have access to the knowledge it takes to launch a company. We started several ventures, failed a number of times, and after learning the tricks of the trade through elite programs such as Harvard, MIT, and several world class accelerators - we wanted to share that knowledge with others to create a better world.

CAN't make the LAUNCH Q1-2019 Program?

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